John Kluge

John W. Kluge

The Power of Purpose: How Superheroes, Gardening, and Toilets can make you a Billionaire

John W. Kluge will tell an inspiring story of how his unique upbringing contributed to a passion for finding purpose in everything he does, ultimately leading him to redefine not only what it means to be a billionaire, but more importantly a human being in the 21st century. 

John is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Eirene, a private equity and business development firm that combines entrepreneurship and philanthropy to drive radical change in the fields of sanitation, caregiving and education.

John holds a B.A. from Columbia University and he serves on a number of non-profit and for profit boards, including UNICEF, Pencils of Promise, GivingWater and Fonderie47. He is the author of the book John Kluge: Stories, published by Columbia University Press and co-author of the book Charity and Philanthropy for Dummies, to be published by Wiley in 2013.