Kacy Qua

X PRIZE Design

Kacy Qua attempts to predict the future and incentivize entrepreneurs to bring that vision to life. She does this via the X PRIZE Foundation’s Prize Development team*, where she leads Education Prize Design and masterminded a $10 Million X PRIZE for Global Literacy.

Prior to joining the X PRIZE Foundation in 2009, she worked and consulted for The Man at various industry leading companies including Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Cisco Systems, Deloitte Consulting, and Participant Media.   She holds a BS from Cornell University, and an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. In her spare time she enjoys contorting into strange yoga positions, making things occur simply by focusing intensely on them, and attempting to communicate telepathically. She has found marginal and limited success, respectively, with the latter two.

*Kacy was so inspired by the Downtown Project Vision and team that she has since left the X PRIZE Foundation to come build her own tech company in Downtown Las Vegas.  Stay tuned for details…