Dan Fredinburg

Patent Trolls

Dan Fredinburg’s talk about the Arthur Pryor Foundation will brief you on the state of the US software patent system, highlight how it is stifling innovation in Silicon Valley, and provide some potential solutions. It will not focus on law, domestic policy, or other failed approaches. Instead, the proposed path forward will draw upon the engagement of rebellious engineers, free thought, and activists of all varieties.

Dan Fredinburg is an adventurer, inventor, and energetic engineer. Dan works as the Head of Privacy Strategy for Google, where he leads a product management team and sets the vision across Google to put users in control of their internet experience. Among other things, he works on ideation, strategy-setting, and the facilitation of an innovative culture at Google. Previously, Dan helped YouTube become profitable, managed a software consultancy startup and worked as a software architect in the defense industry. Always inventing and creating has earned Dan 50-100 patents pending; however, he is heavily involved in the Arthur Pryor art foundation, an anti-patent organization that stresses the importance of Free Thought. Arthur Pryor creates tangible art to publicly disclose software inventions, which prevents companies from exercising patent assertion and stifling innovation. To gather inspiration for his professional activities, Dan is the Chief Adventure Officer for an adventure tourism company, Seamless Planet, and is a cultural explorer that organizes expeditions to summit the world’s tallest mountains.