Jeff Sparr

Jeff Sparr

Create Peace of Mind

Jeff’s talk will detail his personal story, going from a college athlete to being diagnosed with mental illness and how art changed his life, providing him the peace of mind he had desperately longed for.

These experiences would transform Jeff’s life work, leading him to discover a passion and talent for teaching and communicating a message of hope. His newfound purpose would lead to recreate my personal art studio experience and build PeaceLove Studios: an inclusive community space designed to bring people together to experience and celebrate the healing power of art.

PeaceLove Co -Founder Jeffrey Sparr is a father, husband, advocate, successful entrepreneur, and an acclaimed artist, who has suffered much of his life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Following his diagnosis he began treatment and continued on with his life, launching a profitable textile company, getting married and starting a family; however, through it all he continued to wage a daily war against his illness.