Bobby Bailey

The Call to Adventure is All Around Us

Bobby Bailey will walk through his own personal calls out, to jump first and fear later , and the importance of allowing others into that story. The call to adventure often is accompanied with not only a disruption of ones own life, but the often controversial risk of removing the veil of normality for others. He will draw from stories of two organizations he helped found,  1. Invisible Children and the challenge to end the longest running war in Africa, by stopping a mad man 4,000 miles away. 2. Global Poverty Project USA whose goal is to end extreme poverty world wide.

Bobby Bailey is a Social Entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Invisible Children, an organization that seeks to end the longest running war in Africa, a civil war in Northern Uganda. Bobby has spoken at large conference and film festivals around the world, notable colleges and organizations, including the UN, Passion Conferences, Summit Series, The Carter Center, The West Wing, Senate and House Hearings. Bobby’s expertise includes millennial leadership, grassroots movements, new media markets, Brand Love marks, distribution principals, new platforms of development, and politics in the global system.